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Sunshine Educational Centre - Kindergarten

When your little ones turn four, it's time for them to join the Sunshine Schools family!

Pre-Primary Education

Nurturing African Leaders

When your little ones turn four, it’s time for them to join the Sunshine Schools family! A home of love that nurtures experiential learning for the little ones through merging play in academics as per their developmental milestones.

Expose your young one to a world of fun learning, with caring teachers who understand what it takes for any child to thrive- A conducive, loving environment.

They will step into school to make new friends to last a lifetime, and learn values to last them for ages. From Playgroup to Pre-Primary 1 & 2, we are excited to guide them through the first level of education in the CBC structure.

Play, Learn, Love School

Young children experience a mix of feelings in their early school years. Through a vibrant mix of subjects, or as we fondly call them, “learning areas” in CBC, young kids are introduced to new learning environments beyond their domestic circle. At this age, kids have a jumpy concentration span. We find a way to combine learning into play – to make it fun through our professional teachers who make it as beneficial as possible.

As we help learners interact with mathematics, envonmental, languages, psychomotor and creative activities like music, games, art or craft, our goal is to foster confidence to enable children articulate their thoughts and feelings with ease in a language they understand.

The Child’s success

Our vibrant young ones get to graduate at the end if their pre-primary education from excelling beyond academic performance. Here is our measure of success at this stage:

  • Proficiency in communication skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • Developing artistic abilities: drawing, painting, colouring, and more
  • Grasping fundamental mathematical concepts: numbers, measurements, and even identifying Kenyan currency
  • Embracing daily routines, time management, and personal hygiene
  • Exploring religious values and understanding the basics of religious education, fostering respect for diverse beliefs


Take a look into our day to day life here at our Pre- Primary School

Join us at Sunshine Educational Centre and watch your child’s educational journey unfold in a joyful, supportive, and engaging environment. Let’s make learning a magical and delightful adventure together for our budding leaders!

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